Technica Forts has following departments, catering to different functions of the company in the respective areas.

Human Resource

Keeping in view the most important asset of the company - its people, HR department performs following functions related to the staff.

  • Recruitment - According to the set guidelines and strict standards of the company.
  • Scheduling - Managing daily production schedules.
  • Training - The staff is extensively trained and their performance is monitored regularly.
  • Absorption - The successful trainees are absorbed into the production unit.
  • Motivation - The HR Department constantly works to keep morale of the employees high as well as to maintain their keen interest in the job.

Management and Finance

This department handles the high level strategy formulation, looking after overall management and managing the financial resources.

Business Development

Managing marketing for the services and Business development - both in USA and in India as well as business liaisonig are the key functions of this department.

Production and Quality Assurance

Production and QA department is at the core of the company and executes the scheduled service assignments and performs service quality monitoring.

Customer and Technical Support

The customer and technical support department closely works with production department to handle technical and other support needs and special requests of the customers. This department also manages in-house technical issues, networking and technical infrastructure.

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