Why Technica Forts

Security and Confidentiality

At Technica Forts, utmost care is take to maintain security and confidentiality of the clients and their documents, etc. All the employees not only have an entry confidentiality contract which is required to be signed upon joining Technica Forts, but also sign an exit contract which emphsizes confidentiality and resulting liability from breaches. It is also mandatory for the technical staff of the company to attend security briefings and information technology advances in this industry. In addition, the FTP site is also managed by experienced consultants to ensure better internet security. At server level, SSH protocol is also implemented for secure and encrypted FTP communication.


Committed to privacy and to meeting HIPAA standards

We understand that upholding HIPAA privacy standards is absolutely critical to healthcare providers. To that end, every effort is taken to ensure the confidentiality of every document we transcribe.

We have adopted the following practices to ensure that we are meeting the highest standards of patient confidentiality and information security:

  • Medical transcriptionists have signed confidentiality agreements.
  • Transcriptionists are assigned unique usernames and passwords, enabling us to know which transcriptionists have worked on every document.
  • We never send transcripts via email- this is not a HIPAA-compliant method of transmitting medical records.
  • We require that the transmission of all voice and text files be encrypted and password-protected.
  • Both our web application and our desktop products use up to 256-bit Encryption.

Automated System

Technica Forts is technologically advanced in all areas of recording and transcription. The extensive Communications Systems support File Transfer Program (FTP). For end users, there ias also a provision of automated digital recording and transfering it via FTP to the servers. There is an integrated online report retrieval and tracking system, allowing the customer to retrieve, edit, print both new and archived reports instantly. The combination of high technology equipments and solutions and legacy customer service, results is the most flexible and efficient solution.


Technica Forts is committed to provide quality work at an affordable cost. Primary goal of the compamy is to serve the needs of their clients above and beyond their expectations. Reports are transcribed by some of the finest ears in the industry. All the MTs are extensively trained and experienced. Technica Forts hires and retains highly qualified Transcriptionists. As a result of extensive training and better compensation the rewards are quality, productivity and growth opportunities. Uncompromising policy of the company to excel yields results in combination with Quality, Reliability, Simplicity and Service.


Technica Forts specializes in providing transcription services in the fields of Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Genitourinary, Hematology, Oncology, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Pulmonary Medicine, Urology, etc.

Turnaround Time

Technica Forts offers flexible man-hour solutions for their clients. The staff is allocated in proportion to the work load. The result is that clients receive work at the same rate per transcription, in the same 24-48 hour time frame, regardless of the volume of individual customer. Average turnaround time is 24 hours with an average accuracy level of 99% (which exceeds the American Association of Medical Transcriptions guidelines of 98%). The clients can rely on the fact that execution of contracts will be in a timely manner.

Efficient Management

Dictation is received in digital format from the client. The dictation is then transcribed by the qualified Medical Transcriptionists on to a computer readable file. The transcribed computer file is then passed to the primary Quality Assurance team where qualified employees check the soft copy files for content and accuracy. Reports are then passed on to a Second Level Quality Assurance team where the reports are randomly spot checked by Staff Doctors. Once approved by final QA teams, the reports are transmitted to the client in the specified format.

Customer Support

The clients get total customer support. Technica Forts is a customer focused, service oriented company which provides its clients with expedient and accurate documentation to facilitate patient care.